Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hawk, the Rock, and the Crazy High Guy

I'm about to walk out the gate and get in my truck and I looked up.  A hawk was perched on a dead limb  high up on the hill. i hurried to the truck and got my binoculars. I felt a strong urge to sit down. So I sit down, I'm watching this hawk and a question popped into my head;
    Me; Why are you sitting up there?
    Hawk: I'm waiting for lunch. Why are you sittin' there?
    Me: I'm watching you . Where's your mate? (I knew last year there were two)
    Hawk: Why are you killing us?

I was a little rattled - I got up and went home.

The next day I started my walk with binoculars. And as I exiteded the path through the woods, a hawk flies right in front of me in the groove dipping and zaging through the trees. I exit and something tells me to sit on the rock - what rock? So I kept up the walk and as I pass these rocks something tells me - this one. So I sat down. "Damn this rock is hard", I think.  "What do you expect idiot, I'm a rock."  Oh shit, that wasn't suppose to happen.

I look around and here framed in the center of the opening is the church steeple cross with a hawk sitting on its summit about 50 yards away.. Suddenly another hawk appeared and made a leisurely loop around the steeple and disappeared.  This made me suspect yesterdays connection had been real. The hawk had shown me his mate was indeed still around. But he didn't "speak" like yesterday. 

As I get ready to leave I'm thinking "please don't leave, your boney ass is so warm and I am so cold". WTF is happening to me?

Next day I told myself no hawks and no rocks cause you'll lose your freakin' mind. So I just went for the usual walk. But as soon as I was coming out the wooded path. This thought pops into my mind "oh, your asshole smells like roses for me today. Please come sit."  And a feeling washed over me that the hawk was gone and this rock was my guide. - My minds-eye had turned it into a Don Juan replay. 

So I sit - this rock isn't comfortable at all - and its right by bushes, so bugs eat me alive.  Anyhow, as it turned out, the message he had was to "close my mind and open my heart".

I continued my walk and as I got to the gate. the hawk was on the dead limb so I sat down. "Pick out a nice one, (tombstone) 'cause soon men will chisel your name on one." he seemed to say. And immediately I heard the rock - "ooh - pick me I'm shiny" - "ooh, or me I'm tall"  "look I've got fancy leaves on my corners."  Oh, shit...I'm outta hear

I went home.

Now, several days later, I have restored my peace of mind. I still sit on the rock every morning. And for my walk, I struggle daily to close my mind and open my heart during each walk. If I forget - The rock reminds me with vulgar jokes.

The entire reason of my walk has been transformed from a COPD exercise to a life altering experience.  By a hawk and a rock. What a strange world.


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