Monday, July 29, 2013

George Carlin - Great Comedian - Even Greater Prophet

80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment: Survey
By HOPE YEN 07/28/13 09:37 PM ET EDT AP

WASHINGTON — Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.



The House and Senate are like a Laurel and Hardy routine. "Well, there's another fine mess you've gotten us into!"  All we need is Stupid on a Stick Sarah leading a battalion of brown shirts marching on Omaha.

In 2005, comedian George Carlin had some thoughts on the 'American Dream' that turned out to be quite prophetic - in fact he nailed it - netball.  Right on George.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Universe Speaks to Man : "Look at You Now"

Sometimes I hate reading reports and whatnot about runaway climate change.. Thought of my favorite scene in my favorite movie and how it serves as an analogy of catastrophic climate change.

The car carrying the woman and kid's is our Earth. The woman and kids are the 1.9 million innocent species. That fellow with the radio box is man. He's gonna push the button and cause NTE.  Tony Montana is the Universe.

Caution: Foul language and graphic violence. Not suitable for children.

In this scene Tony saves the innocents.

That's the thing about movies - we get to dream of happy endings.


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hawk, the Rock, and the Crazy High Guy

I'm about to walk out the gate and get in my truck and I looked up.  A hawk was perched on a dead limb  high up on the hill. i hurried to the truck and got my binoculars. I felt a strong urge to sit down. So I sit down, I'm watching this hawk and a question popped into my head;
    Me; Why are you sitting up there?
    Hawk: I'm waiting for lunch. Why are you sittin' there?
    Me: I'm watching you . Where's your mate? (I knew last year there were two)
    Hawk: Why are you killing us?

I was a little rattled - I got up and went home.

The next day I started my walk with binoculars. And as I exiteded the path through the woods, a hawk flies right in front of me in the groove dipping and zaging through the trees. I exit and something tells me to sit on the rock - what rock? So I kept up the walk and as I pass these rocks something tells me - this one. So I sat down. "Damn this rock is hard", I think.  "What do you expect idiot, I'm a rock."  Oh shit, that wasn't suppose to happen.

I look around and here framed in the center of the opening is the church steeple cross with a hawk sitting on its summit about 50 yards away.. Suddenly another hawk appeared and made a leisurely loop around the steeple and disappeared.  This made me suspect yesterdays connection had been real. The hawk had shown me his mate was indeed still around. But he didn't "speak" like yesterday. 

As I get ready to leave I'm thinking "please don't leave, your boney ass is so warm and I am so cold". WTF is happening to me?

Next day I told myself no hawks and no rocks cause you'll lose your freakin' mind. So I just went for the usual walk. But as soon as I was coming out the wooded path. This thought pops into my mind "oh, your asshole smells like roses for me today. Please come sit."  And a feeling washed over me that the hawk was gone and this rock was my guide. - My minds-eye had turned it into a Don Juan replay. 

So I sit - this rock isn't comfortable at all - and its right by bushes, so bugs eat me alive.  Anyhow, as it turned out, the message he had was to "close my mind and open my heart".

I continued my walk and as I got to the gate. the hawk was on the dead limb so I sat down. "Pick out a nice one, (tombstone) 'cause soon men will chisel your name on one." he seemed to say. And immediately I heard the rock - "ooh - pick me I'm shiny" - "ooh, or me I'm tall"  "look I've got fancy leaves on my corners."  Oh, shit...I'm outta hear

I went home.

Now, several days later, I have restored my peace of mind. I still sit on the rock every morning. And for my walk, I struggle daily to close my mind and open my heart during each walk. If I forget - The rock reminds me with vulgar jokes.

The entire reason of my walk has been transformed from a COPD exercise to a life altering experience.  By a hawk and a rock. What a strange world.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Honor the Treaty

The most important of the first treaties which was signed in 1653 by William Penn and Delaware Chief Tamanend established peaceful colonization and coexistence and promised that the two peoples would "live in love as long as the sun gave light."

When Wm. Penn passed away in England - his son Thomas had other ideas. In 1737, he tricked the Delaware Indians out of 1,200 square miles of land in what was called the Walking Purchase (as far as a man could walk in three days) by hiring several runners.

Lenape leaders assumed that about 40 miles (60 km) was the longest distance that could be covered under these conditions. Provincial Secretary James Logan, the legend continues, hired the three fastest runners in the colony, Edward Marshall, Solomon Jennings and James Yeates, to run on a prepared trail. They were supervised during the "walk" by the Sheriff of Bucks County, Timothy Smith. The walk occurred on September 19, 1737; only Marshall finished, reaching the modern vicinity of present-day Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, 70 miles (113 km) away. At the end of the walk, Sheriff Smith drew a perpendicular line back toward the northeast, and claimed all the land east of these two lines ending at the Delaware River.

This resulted in an area of 1,200,000 acres (4,860 km²), roughly equivalent to the size of Rhode Island, located in the modern counties of: Pike, Monroe, Carbon, Schuylkill, Northampton, Lehigh and Bucks.

The Delaware leaders appealed for assistance to the Iroquois confederacy, who claimed hegemony over the Delaware. The Iroquois leaders decided that it was not in their best interest politically to intervene on behalf of the Delaware. James Logan had already made a deal with the Iroquois to support the colonial side. As a result, the Lenape had to vacate the Walking Purchase lands.

Chief Lappawinsoe and other Lenape leaders continued to protest the arrangement, as the Lenape were forced into the Shamokin and Wyoming valleys, already crowded with other displaced tribes. Some Lenape later moved west into the Ohio Country. Because of the Walking Purchase, the Lenape grew to distrust the Pennsylvania government, and its once good.

In 2004 Lenape Indians sued the federal government in district court to recaim part of the land. This resulted in a lot of legal mumbo jumbo and the ruling went against the Lenape. They appealed resulting in the following ...

The Third Circuit affirmed.[3] The Circuit affirmed the holding that aboriginal title may validly be extinguished by fraud, and further held that the tribe had waived the issue of whether Penn was actually a sovereign purchaser below.[3] Moreover, the Circuit held that any grants to the tribe subsequent to the extinguishment could not re-establish aboriginal title.[3] Therefore, the Circuit did not consider the merits of the tribe's argument

The U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari.


Thomas Penn was a prick. Honor his fathers treaty with the Lenape. We live in Lenapehoking.- not Poittsville or Minersville or Saint Clair - we can keep our addresses but we don't have to continue to make the same mistakes, we don't have to continue to kill ourselves and each other. If we could have STFU and listened, we might not be in the pickle we find ourselves today. Will you honor the treaty. and live in love as long as the sun gives light.